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Legend Of Zelda Gangsta Rap

Our favorite video game of all time is “Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time”. It is a multi-layered game that gives you days, even weeks, of game play. It’s definitely not one of those games that you finish in an afternoon. You got your money’s worth with “Ocarina of Time”. The story is a straightforward story of an elf guy in green tights named Link that travels through time to save a princess, the world, and a mystical glowing triangle. The only problem with the “Legend of Zelda” games is that Link is…well…a little bit of a wuss. A great warrior, but not exactly tough or menacing. If only he could be more thuggish. Like a gangsta rapper, someone you think might sword you through the face.

This video is Link’s tale told through a thuggish hip-hop. In it he goes around kicking butt in Hyrule. Particularly funny are the interludes sung by everyone’s annoying fairy Navi and the androgynous ninja Sheik. Word to the Kokiri.

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