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LOL Clip Of The Day: Los Alguiens Sing “El Internet”

What. The. F… We can’t really explain “El Internet” by Los Alguien because quite frankly, it’s all kinds of crazy. At it’s core, the song is a description of all the virtues and functions of the internet. Want to download a song? Use the internet! Want to meet new friends? Use the internet. “El Internet” is trying to be funny, and it certainly is to a degree. But more than that, this video is also straight up weird. It’s seizure-inducing and basically begs you to watch it while on some form of illicit substance (not that we, you know, condone that or whatever). Yes, it’s strange on purpose. That purpose being that it’s striving to become viral. Most of the time, when internet content tries to hit a level of virality, it fails because audiences are too smart to be easily fooled. This one, however, for some strange reason manages to pull it off largely because it’s got an Alejandro Jodorowski feel to it.

But enough about waxing intellectually about this video. Just watch it, with or without drugs.

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