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LOL Clip Of The Day: The Car Toreador

They say that boredom is the slowest form of dying. Whoever uttered those words a) is an idiot and b) has obviously never seen the dumb, stupid stuff people do when they’re bored (one only needs to peruse Break to see what we’re talking about). To further prove whoever says that crap wrong, we present to you the car toreador. Who or what’s that? It’s self-explanatory, really. Some bored-out-of-his-mind dude in Mexico decided to kill some time by standing on the curb of a very busy street with a red handkerchief. In an ideal, Darwinian world, some unsuspecting car would make roadkill out of our stupid-albeit-brave toreador, but given that this video is online, something tells us we’ll see more from this fool in the near future.

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