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Lopez Tonight Cancellation CGI’ed

Sigh, here we go: last week’s news that George Lopez and his show have been canned is now Next Media Animation’s scandal du jour (which, thanks, to Dumb And Dumber, we now know is not a type of soup). The Taiwanese animation company known for taking current events and CGI-ing them into zany videos implies that Lopez pulled the race card immediately after TBS execs decided not to renew his show. If that really is the case, this will now mark the second time that G. Lo has claimed his shows have been cancelled because he’s brown.

Shame on you, George. If you really did pull the race card you’re in complete violation Article V, Section III of the Race & Ethnicity Rule Book. You’re only allowed to do that whenever you want to make your white friends uncomfortable, not as an excuse for not being funny or entertaining.

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