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Luc Besson’s “Colombiana” Looks Awesome

Check out the trailer for Colombiana, a revenge flick co-written/produced by Luc Besson and starring Zoe Saldaña. In the movie, Saldaña plays a hot-as-hell hired assassin who spends her free time hunting down the mobsters that killer her parents.

Yep. We’re totally watching this when it comes out. Sure, the plot is nowhere near original but we don’t care because A) Zoe Saldaña is hot,  and B) Luc Besson knows how to put together a fun and entertaining flick, whether it be as a director, writer, or producer. Case in point: Leon The Professional, Taken, District B-13, and, of course, The Fifth Element. Let’s just hope that Colombiana is nothing like Bandidas, Besson’s only other venture into the hot-Latinas-with-guns genre. That movie was all kinds of terrible.

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