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Lugar Heights: The Chosen One

How do you spell Thursdays? L-U-G-A-R-H-E-I-G-H-T-S, that’s how. You guessed it, folks. It’s a new day for a new episode of Lugar Heights, the wacky animated series that follows the adventures of a diverse group of urban (and foul-mouthed) Latinos who live in Anywhere Heights, USA.

When we last left our friends, they were abducted by a group of friendly aliens who came to Earth to help Latinos preserve our very rich race. More specifically, they came to our planet to tell the Lugar Heights gang of Don Nabisco’s nefarious plan. Will the kids, under the guidance of Humo– the Chosen One– be able to stop the game show host from stealing everyone’s Spanish? And why exactly is Don Nabisco so hell bent on destroying the beautiful language? These and more questions are answered in our latest installment.

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