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Ajax’s Luis Suarez Bites Opponent In The Neck

The Netherlands’ top two clubs— Ajax and PSV Eindhoven– faced off this weekend. Although the match resulted in a scoreless draw, there was plenty of action on the field. Ajax’s Luis Suarez took a bite– Scruff McGruff-style– out of Otman Bakkal during the waning moments of the second half. Let that sit in your head for a couple of seconds. The dude used his mouth and teeth to harm an opponent. This is worse than Zinedine Zidane headbutting someone! What could have possibly compelled Luis Suarez to do that? Did he just finish reading the damn Twilight trilogy? What if he had rabies?!

What’s worse is that this isn’t the first time Suarez has done something incredibly outrageous on the pitch. In case you forgot, Suarez was that Uruguayan player who prevented Ghana from scoring the game-winning goal in the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup with a blatant handball (video below). Clearly, Suarez is in desperate need of some serious karma points.

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