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Maná’s New Music Video, “Lluvia Al Corazon”

Guys. GUYS! Mana, the Mexican super rock band that’s been kicking it since 1978, has put out yet another album. Entitled Drama Y Luz, this is the eighth studio album from the Guadalajara act and the first one they’ve put out since 2006’s Amar Es Combatir. Above is the music video for “Lluvia Al Corazon,” the first hit single from the band. You’re probably wondering how the song (and album) compares to their previous material. Well, after close analysis, we’ve concluded that this ditty contains the following staple words found in every Mana song: lluvia, llorar, fe, mariposa, bebe, luz, mar, and corazon (arguably, the most used word by the band). In other words, Mana– the Mexican Journey, the Mexican U2– has not lost their touch in all this time. And to prove that they haven’t lost their crappy form that millions of people worldwide eat up, their most recent video features a very attractive girl in a very vulnerable situation. Kudos, fellas! May you put out the same album for many years to come!

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