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Manny Pacquiao Can Defeat Any Boxer, Fictional Or Otherwise

Manny Pacquiao proved this past Saturday that he is the best boxer in the world right now by pounding the living crap out of Antonio Margarito. The pride of the Philippines gave his Mexican opponent such a beating that Margarito now has a fractured orbital bone in his skull, possibly ending his career. But perhaps all of this could have been avoided had Margarito known about Pacquiao’s past victories. Everyone knows that the Pac-Man defeated Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and Ricky Hatton, but did you also know that Pacquiao went up against bigger name boxers like King Hippo and Super Macho Man. When asked about this last opponent, Pac-Man had this to say, » Super Macho Man, two words: douche bag.»

via Kotaku

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