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Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” Speech Auto-Tuned

Unless you’re a federal employee or a student, you’re probably not aware that today is Martin Luther King day, a holiday in which we commemorate the birth of the civl rights leader. As a site that targets a demographic comprised of people of color (is that the politically correct term?), we take the third Monday of every January very seriously, which is why we find this video of Dr. King’s 1963 “I Have A Dream’ speech auto-tuned to be in poor taste. At the risk of coming across as someone who takes themselves very seriously  (ie, someone who has a stick up their ass), we’d like to say that there are somethings that are meant to be sacred. This speech is one of them. If there ever was a reason to kill off this annoying auto-tune tends, this should be it. Still, we’re sure some of you out there will find this highly entertaining, and as curators of the Internet, we feel it’s our obligation to bring this to you.

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