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Meet Bloody Loco, Subway Nutcase

The New York City subway is one of the best public transportation systems in the world. Seven million people use it every day. Like most things, however, it’s far from perfect. For example, the single  biggest problem with the subway is that very often you have to ride in the cars with complete and utter lunatics. Trust us. There are some crazy friggin’ people in New York.

Case in point: this guy. Meet Bloody Loco, your typical Latino sociopath who rides the 6th train. Bloody Loco is the type of guy who’s looking for any excuse to get…well…bloody loco on someone. Loco’s poor victim must be a noob to the MTA because he violated the most important rule of righting the train; Don’t engage with the crazy. Our favorite part of this video is watching the other passengers on the train making sure that their eyes don’t meet Bloody Loco’s. They know better.

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