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Mehdi Carcela Takes Brutal Kick To The Face

This soccer highlight is straight up scary. So scary that we’ll refrain from making any smart aleck remarks concerning the matter. During yesterday’s match between Belgian clubs Racing Genk and Standard Liege, a match that would decide the winner of this year’s Jupiler League, Liege player Mehdi Carcela took a brutal kick to the face from Chris Mavinga. Mavinga’s kick wasn’t malicious in intent, although it was certainly stupid and reckless play. Carcela fell to the ground and was knocked out cold before he was taken to a nearby hospital. Fortunately, Carcela seems to be okay, although he did suffer a concussion and lost several teeth.

The real kicker of it all (crap, unintentional joke) is that the offending player only got a yellow card and his team walked away with the Jupiler title.

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