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Method Man Raps On The Dangers Of Sour Patch Kids

God created Staten Island only so that it would one day spawn The Wu-Tang Clan. The 57 members of the Wu are known for the crazy stuff they rap about: kung-fu movies, sci-fi, weed, turning into a swarm of killer bees, etc. In 2005, the Wu received a terrible blow with the death of crazy, crazy Old Dirty Bastard. He can never be replaced, but perhaps what the boys from the slums of Shaolin need are some new collaborators. Like, some Sour Patch Kids. Yeah, the candy.

In this truly bizarre video, Wu-Tang’s Method Man raps about the dangers that come from letting Sour Patch Kids run amok. When one of his homeboys accidentally throws the candies all over the room, chaos ensues. Truf.

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