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Teams Brawl In Mexican Baseball League

Soccer fights are great and such but nothing compares to a good, old-fashioned baseball brawl. Like this one, for example. During a Mexican Pacific League baseball game between the Mexicali Aguilas and Obregon Yaquis, the benches cleared and fists were thrown after Mexicali pitcher Alejandro Martinez beaned Jeff Salazar. Salazar didn’t much care for getting hit with a baseball, and so he escalated things with second baseman Oswaldo Morejon. The situation got out of control, Morejon threw his glove at Salazar, and Martinez blindside-tackled the Obregon player. Both teams left their respective dugouts and started beating the living crap out of each other. Just when the fight looked like it was coming to an end, things started up again in one of the dugouts. Other sports, take note: THAT is how you brawl.

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