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Mexican Girls Cry Because They Didn’t Get Justin Bieber Tickets

It’s a toss up between amusement, schadenfreude, or bewilderment, but the above video showing a bunch of Mexican girls crying is evoking a strong feeling from us. But what could possibly cause so many young girls to wail as if the world was ending? A Justin Bieber concert and the lack of tickets for it. These  girls lined up hours on end in hope of overpaying for a chance to see El Bieber at the Monterrey Arena. Unfortunately for them, scalpers bribed the coppers (crooked Mexican cops? No effin’ way!) and cut ahead in line. There’s a life lesson for you there, chicas: scalpers are sons of bitches who deserve to die a fiery death.

Two highlights: A) the girl crying and begging the reporter to upload the video on Twitter so that Justin Beebs could see it was all kinds of LULz. B) The poor unfortunate soul who claimed she forewent her quinceañera so that she could attend this concert.

I wouldn’t cry too hard, ladies. Year’s down the line, when Bieber’s fifteen minutes are up, you’ll be able to see your favorite pop star in concert. Just look at those New Kids On The Block/Jordan Knight fans still paying to see their aging idols.


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