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Mexican Techno/Cumbia Tribal Music Stars 3BallMTY’s “Intentalo”

There is some pretty cool musical goings-on happening in Monterrey, Mexico. We’ve told you about the Colombian cumbia subculture of the Cholombianos and the bizarre long pointy boots in vogue in Monterrey. Related to both is a rising dance music called tribal. It is a mix of cumbia, Mexican pop, and techno beats. Imagine if Daft Punk, Alberto Pacheco, and Gloria Trevi had a three-way and produced a weird offspring with really pointy shoes. The music is crazy danceable. Makes you want to rave while wearing clown shoes.

This video is of rising tribal stars 3BallMTY’s “Intentalo”. It also features tribal/pointy boot dance troupe “Los Paranderos”. If you start dancing around your office and get fired, don’t blame us.


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