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Mr. Doubletalk Pranks Bridgestone Pro Golf Team

Golf. To the uninitiated in the ways of the green it is a total mystery. Why do people have such a cult-like love of this sport? Is it being out in the fresh air? The competition? The ugly shorts? It’s hard to say. What you can say is that watching golf on TV has to be one of the dullest things in the universe. Even avid golfers we know admit to dozing off while watching golf on TV. This author’s brother-in-law calls it a “golf nap”.

We need to make golf coverage more exciting. Thank God for Mr. Doubletalk. In this video he interviews pros from the Bridgestone Tour Team and confuses them with his nonsensical mumbles. It just goes to show you that people would rather lie and pretend they understood than tell the truth. And honestly, which one of us hasn’t done that?

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