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Paco The Chihuahua Chases Two Armed Robbers, Saves The Day

Most of us like to think that we’re brave. We’d like to believe that if stuff got real that we would react with the speed of a ninja, the cunning of an outlaw, and have a pithy line to say afterward like Clint Eastwood. The truth is that most of us aren’t that brave. Faced with real life or death situations, most of us would either freeze, panic, or go into self-preservation mode. That’s precisely what makes heroes special. They are able to control their fears and charge in where others would not. What would you do if a store you worked in was being robbed? What if you only weighed 6 pounds?

Paco the chihuahua belongs to the owner of a tobacco store that was held up by two dudes with shotguns. Not only did Paco bite those fool’s knees, ankles, and legs, he then chased them across the street. The robbers could not compete with the ferocity of a 6 pound ball of teeth and doom. Paco is a hero, and we salute him for having balls as big as his head.

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