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Why We Love Latin American Television: Sports Anchor In A Bikini

Welcome to our new segment called “Why We Love Latin American Television,” in which we post a video from one of the major Latin American networks highlighting exactly why we love Spanish language programming.

In our first installment of Why We Love Latin American Television, we brought you a morning news segment on lingerie for housewives. Today, it’s… well, more lingerie. This time around, it’s Pamela Ardnt– one of the hosts for Azteca America’s Antesala Deportiva— wearing the skimpy outfit for your viewing pleasure. For the non-Spanish speakers amongst you, allow us to provide some context. It seems that poor Pamela lost a bet to one of her co-anchors about who knows what and as a result, she was forced to don the very provocative– and sexylicious– outfit on air.

Once again, the Spanish-speaking channels prove that they are ahead of the curve when it comes to what the audience likes. This kind of stuff would never happen on network or even cable television (Spike TV might be the exception). But broadcaster Azteca America knows that adding scantily clad girls to a sports showis a winning combination. They know that sports + hot chicks = engaged audience. Hm, that sounds exactly like the formula we employ here at Tu Vez.

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