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Philadelphia Union’s Carlos Ruiz Scores Long Bomb Goal

In some exciting Major League Soccer action (no sarcasm intended whatsoever), the Philadelphia Union–current leaders of the Eastern Conference– defeated the lowly Chicago Fire this past Saturday night thanks in large part to a doozy of a goal courtesy of Carlos Ruiz.

The Guatemalan striker salvaged a terrible free kick that bounced off of Chicago’s defensive wall. With the ball coming back to him, he let it bounce once, volleyed it, and blasted a 40-yard left-footed shot that went in just underneath the crossbar of keeper Jon Conway’s goalpost. From the looks of it, Ruiz’s goal was more fortunate than planned. We imagine that this is one of those situations in which the striker thinks, “I’m just going to kick the ball as hard as I can and see what happens.” Normally, these shots end with the ball in the stands. Not this time though. It was a serendipitous goal, but an amazing one at that.

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