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Police Brutality At Mexico-Venezuela Friendly Match

On Tuesday, Mexico and Venezuela played a friendly match at San Diego’s Qualcomm stadium. The match itself was kind of dull (it ended on a 1-1 draw), but there was certainly a whole lot of action going on in the halls of stadium. A friendly tipster passed on the above video to us showing San Diego’s finest going a little bit overboard in detaining two individuals. Below is the video’s description:

” When I got there, it looked like two guys (obviously drunk) were about to start fighting. So the police tried to intervene. The had one guy under control but the other one tried to get near the guy being held down. At that point the second officer, tried to push the other guy back but when he didn’t do as he was told, he tried to take him down. The police guy started punching him on the face and then landed a couple elbows on this guy’s face. The guy at that point looked like he was just trying to protect himself – remember he was drunk so I’m sure he wasn’t processing things the same way. Then the police guy put his arm around this guys neck to try to subdue him and you can tell in the video the guy was giving up. At one point you can see the guy raising his hands to show the cop he’s going to start cooperating and at that point the cop decides to smash this guy’s head on the concrete (the sound that his head makes when it hits the ground was nasty). At that point the guy stops moving (his head starts bleeding immediately), the cop is able to put the handcuffs on him then he yells at him ‘Put your hands behind your fucking back.'”

So did the cop abuse his power and go over the line in slamming the culprit’s head, or did the drunk dude have it coming?

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