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Porkins Added To “Star Wars” Special Features

Hollywood doesn’t like fat people. Sure, there is usually a fat best friend or lovable fat drunk guy, but after a few years Hollywood makes them lose weight. Just ask, Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. There are even less fat people in sci-fi. If they do happen to cast a fatty, they are always evil. Think about Jabba the Hutt or the Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. One of the most embarrassing pieces of sci-fi fat bashing is in “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”. One of the X-Wing pilots is a fat little tubber named Porkins. Not only did Lucas create an obese pilot that immediately dies, he names him Porkins. Porkins, people.

This video gives poor Porkins some love by adding him to several scenes. It’s purported to be extras on the new “Star Wars” Blu-Ray. It’s interesting what you learn in those special features. One thing we didn’t know about Porkins was his love for Big Gulps.

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