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Punk Rock “La Bamba”?

I was never one for mosh pits, even though I was a teenager at the height of their popularity. I preferred to take my rage and eat my feelings than take it out on fellow concertgoers. As a rule I tend to avoid situations where I might get hurt. Maybe this makes me a wuss, but it’s the truth. Though, as an adult I wonder if I missed out. Would I be a less neurotic person if I had kicked in a few teeth at a Rage Against The Machine show in 1996? It’s impossible to know.

However, if I’d been at a show where they played this punk version of “La Bamba”, I would have torn up the mosh pit. The song is a cover version done by the French punk band Anonymus and Overbass. The video was created by someone laying the track over people at Slipknot shows. So, in case you are keeping score that’s a Spanish song, made famous by a Mexican-American rock star, being sung by French people, over some other band’s fans. Music really is the universal language.

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