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Reggaeton Remix Of Rebecca Black’s Friday

Rebecca Black’s Friday has taken over the interwebs, and it’s easy to see why. The song is a truly terrible musical abomination. Everytime we hear her screech “freeeeerrrriiiiiiddddaayyyy” we want to jab knitting needles in our ears. Perhaps terrible lyrics like, “Yesterday was Thursday/But today is Freeeeiiiiidaay/And tomorrow is Saturday/And Sunday comes afterwards” could be improved upon with the right music? What if you added a reggaeton beat? Would it be less nausea inducing? You be the judge.

Actually, we feel kind of sorry for Rebecca Black. It’s hard enough being a 13 year old without having everyone on Earth telling you how much you suck. Then again she’s making tons of money off of her suckiness, so we don’t feel that bad for her.

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