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Robert Rodriguez Makes Nike Ad For Kobe Bryant

What’s the deal with The Black Mamba, a Nike ad/trailer about Kobe Bryant directed by Robert Rodriguez? We know it’s a teaser for a short film set to premiere during the 2011 NBA All-Star game. But aren’t trailers supposed to hint at a something that has a plot? This is just… well, this is just a stylized clip starring Bryant, Danny Trejo, and Bruce Willis that tells us nothing other than the fact that it’s an ad. We thought Rodriguez was a filmmaker and stuff. Actually, come to think of it, making ads instead of films is a great career move for him. After all, commercials are flashy, fast-paced, and short. In other words,  exactly what a Robert Rodriguez production should be. Just kidding, RoRo. We loved Piranha 3D. What’s that? You weren’t involved in that film? Oh, well. Never mind then.

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