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Ryan Giggs’ Alleged Affair With Imogen Thomas CGI’ed

It’s been a while since the folks from Next Media Animation– the Taiwanese company that has a penchant for taking gossip scandals and making them even more absurd by CGI-ing the living crap out of it– provided us with some fodder to write about, but then the above video involving Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs happened.

If you haven’t been following the British tabloids (then again, why would you?), you might not know that the Red Devils legend has been indirectly accused of having an extramarital affair with Big Brother winner/lad mag model Imogen Thomas. These are only indirect assertions because the papers are not legallly allowed to print Giggs’ name because of England’s tough libel laws. As a result, the footballer was able to get a superinjunction against the press to keep his identity off the tabloids.

This, of course, means jacksh-t for the internet. Someone tweeted that Giggs was having an affair with Thomas. In response, Giggs did the douchebag thing and sued Twitter. Yes, the whole Twitter. Someone should teach the “Streisand Effect” to the Man U player .

All of this, of course, is explained in the video above, so how’s about you just watch it so we can stop explaining things.

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