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Sasha Baron Cohen’s Dictator Ruins Seacrest’s Suit At The Oscars

The Oscars were pretty boring this year. Other than Jennifer Lopez’s nipple peaking out and Angelina Jolie showing everyone her legs, the show was a snoozefest. Cirque de Soleil? More like Cirque de So-lame, am I right? One of the more interesting moments happened outside the Kodak Theater on the red carpet. Comedian/provocateur Sasha Baron Cohen had announced earlier in the week that he was going to show up to the Oscars dressed as his new character the Dictator. He’s apparently some middle-eastern despot similar to Saddam Hussein. Initially, the Academy told him he couldn’t come dressed that way but they relented.

Thank God they did or else we wouldn’t have this clip. His “date” was an urn containing the ashes of Kim Jong Il. Hilarity ensues when he spills them all over Ryan Seacrest. This is probably a bit they set up, but maybe not. Seacrest isn’t that good of an actor.

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