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Soccer Fans Mimic Referee Out Of Boredom

We’ll be the first to admit this: soccer can be boring. Before you call us an ignorant doucheface, allow us to explain. It’s a sport. All sports, at one point or another, have their moments in which getting stabbed in the eye while getting an enema seems more enjoyable than watching the athletic abomination before you. When confronted with this unfortunate and undesired scenario, most people just get up and leave to do something better. Others make the best of a snorefest situation by having a little fun. Like this crowd, for instance. Obviously the (in)action in the pitch was so boring, that they thought it would be a better bang for their buck to mimic every single move the sideline referee did. If he ran to the left, they would run to the left. If he ran back, they would all run back. This is the kind of thing that would make Charlie Chaplin proud.

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