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Spanish Language NFL Announcers > Regular NFL Announcers

One of the worst things about watching American football is the announcers. They drone on about some ephemera about a player or whatever. “So and so likes eating ice cream on Sundays when the moon is out.” Who cares? These guys tend to lack charisma. A lot of them are ex-players who, let’s face it, can barely string together two coherent sentences. Sometimes, we turn off the volume on the TV so we don’t have to hear them.

Now, Spanish language announcers are a different story. Anyone who has ever watched soccer on the Spanish channels knows how they call a game. They are breathless and excited all the time. It’s like they’ve drunk a case of Red Bulls while simultaneously getting a coffee enema. In this game of the Arizona Cardinals vs. The Washington Redskins, the announcers on the Spanish channel are in rare form. When Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald does a 73 yard touchdown catch, the announcer loses it. “TOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHDOWN!”

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