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Star Wars: Episode 1 Duel Sung Acapella

Tu Vez is a Latino site, but some things transcend race or culture. There are tragic moments that unite us all and enter into our collective unconscious. The Kennedy Assassination, 9/11, the cancellation of ALF, these are moments we’ll never forget. I remember the day in 1999, when my friends and I stood in line at the local cineplex. Our heroes were returning to save us from the lameness of the late nineties. It was an event we had waited for for 16 years, which had been two-thirds of our lives. It was the premiere of “Star Wars: Episode 1 -The Phantom Menace.” After it was over, I couldn’t process what I had just seen. Why were the Jedi hanging out with a jive talking space rabbit? Why was Darth Vader an annoying child? How in the name of the Force could he have built C-3Po? For months afterward, I was in denial. “Oh, come on guys. It wasn’t that bad. Sure, there were problems…but it was OK,” I’d say, more to myself than anyone else. When it came out on video, I finally admitted that it was largely a turd sandwich with cheese. Then the healing could begin.

What even most of the biggest “Phantom Menace” haters had to admit, was that the final lightsaber duel between Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Obi Wan was pretty badass. In this video, a guy with a talent for sounds and no life has replaced the entire soundtrack to the duel with an acapella score and mouth generated special effects. Maybe, if they ever make a “Phantom Menace” Broadway show, they could do it all acapella-barbershop style. “Goodnight, Jar Jar! Goodnight, Jar Jar! Goodnight, Jar Jar, you’sa people gonna die!”

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