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The Cat Goes Meow, The Cow Goes Moo, And Admiral Akbar Goes…

The staff here at Tu Vez has yet to spawn any lil’ luchadors into this world. We are Latino men in our thirties, shouldn’t we have like 7 kids by now? Some might say that our nerdiness keeps us from getting laid and that’s why we don’t have kids. This is a fallacy. It’s an urban myth that nerds don’t get laid. Maybe that’s true in high school, but once a nerd goes out into the world he discovers that there are women who are into nerd banging. Some of those women are nerds themselves, which is easy enough to understand. Then there are other women who, for whatever reason, like guys that can name all the captains from the Star Trek franchise and that know that Chewbacca comes from the planet Kashyyyk.

We do know that if we ever pass on our DNA to the next generation, we will be like the dad in this video. He knows that it is as important to know the sage words of Mon Calamari Admiral Akbar as it is to know that a cat says meow. Actually, it’s more important. Meowing kittens cannot repel firepower of the magnitude of a Death Star.

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