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The Exorcism Of Maná’s Fher Olvera

For the longest time, we’ve considered making Maná–the ultra-popular Mexican rock band that fancies themselves as the Latin American U2– a running joke, much like we did with George Lopez. At one point, we were going to put together a “Maná Power Ballad Mad Lib” graphic in which you could fill in the blanks and write your very own tired song. Not too sure why that idea didn’t materialized (probably our sheer laziness).

Luckily for you, someone else picked up the slack. Above is an original video by La Gran Royal, a Mexican ad agency that raises awareness for their clients by making viral videos (they were responsible for Chip Torres’s “Te Voy A Dar Un Byte“). It’s entirely in Spanish, so if your comprehension of the language is no better than that of a white dude from Michigan who took Spanish in High School and spent a summer in Costa Rica (not that we’re judging), the humor may be lost on you. For the rest of you, enjoy.

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