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The Muppets Perform Kanye West’s “Monster”

Pretty self explanatory title, really. The Muppets, the brainchild of the late Jim Henson, show off their street cred by performing Kanye West’s latest hit single, “Monster.” There’s nothing much we can really say about this full of win video other than the fact that we’ve seen it a least a bazillion times. It’s very well done. Certain muppets make their cameos at the appropriate time. Great example: Count Von Count appearing for the line “Bitch, I’m a monster/no good blood sucker.” Still, the best part of this video is when the otherwise squeaking beaker asks the ladies if they’ve “ever had sex with a pharaoh?” which he follows up by matter-of-factly stating that he puts the female genitalia “in a sarcophagus.” Genius, really.

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