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The Return Of Mexican Luchador/Activist Super Barrio

The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has been going on for a month now. A bunch of hippies and social activist have been protesting at the New York stock exchange. Whether you agree with their ideas or not, you’ve got to admire their perseverance. It’s getting cold in New York. The movement has spread to other cities around the world. In Mexico City, people have been gathering in front of the Mexican stock exchange to tell those suited fools what’s what.

The movement received a big boost from Mexican luchador/activist Super Barrio. Super Barrio is the alter-ego of Mario Cardova, who dons a luchador costume to fight injustice and bad stuff through protests and acts of civil disobedience on both sides of the Mexican border. That is the kind of protesting we can get behind. This video is an animated short created by Bob Jaroc and Andy Ward called, “The Return of Super Barrio”. Fight the power Super Barrio!


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