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The “Sh*t Spanish Girl” Spoof No One Asked For Is Here

The best thing about the internet: memes. The worst part about the internet: memes. The above video, inspired by the “Sh*t Girls Say” and along the lines of every single “Sh*t __________ Say,”  falls somewhere in between. On the one hand, it’s about damn time Latinos are represented in this idiotic and tired meme. On the flip side, this video ain’t even accurate.

Last time I checked “Spanish” implied someone who was from Spain. The video should be titled “Sh*t Latinas Say,” or more specifically “Sh*t Puerto Rican/Nuyorican Girls Say.” This just goes to prove that even within the Latino community there is variety, and that we’re not homogenous as most of America believes.

What we’d like to see is a video titled “Sh*t Mexican Girls Say.” We asked one of our favorite readers @heyclauclau, a bonafide pocha, to see what catchphrases would go in said video and this is what she suggested:

– “Tu crees!”
– “Te bañas!” (prior to hanging up on the phone)
– “Que naca!”
– “No seas naca!”
– “Pinche pendejo!”
– “Mensa!”
– “Babosa!”
– “I know, huh!”

And there were more we’re legally not allowed to publish.

And in case any of you babosos were thinking of making a “Sh*t Latina Moms Say,” don’t bother because there’s already this:


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