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The Weirdest WWII Propaganda Film You’ll See Today

Our grandfather’s generation was so much more awesome than ours. They saved the world from Fascism and Communism. What have we done? Saved Princess Zelda eight times from Ganon? Not the same. The war against totalitarianism didn’t just involve bullets and movies starring Tom Hanks. It was largely fought on both sides by propaganda. After watching this video, I wonder how our side won at all.

It was produced by Disney and claims that America will beat the Axis powers thanks to our ability to create food. We’re pretty sure the Nazis were not intimidated by our potatoes. The film makes weird comparisons like, “If all the wheat we make was made into spaghetti, it could be knit into a snug sweater for the Earth” or “With all the eggs we produce we could fry an egg that covered the US and Canada”. The most prescient part is where they show an obese American child crushing Berlin with her fat butt.

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