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The Tony Parker-Eva Longoria Divorce Has Been CGI’ed

NBA super star Tony Parker (is he a super star? We know he’s one in San Antonio because they don’t really have anything else, but outside of the Lone Star State is he considered a top player?) and television hottie Eva Longoriaare getting a divorced because the Tony decided to be all French-like and try to bed other women, including one of his former teammate’s wife. Because this has been such a huge scandal, the folks over at Next Media Animation CGI’ed the crap out of the story. Two interesting factoids we learned from this video: Eva Longoria is not a fan of pearl necklaces (and we don’t mean the jewelry), and Tony Parker becomes a zombie when he’s infatuated with someone.

On a random note, is it weird that we’re aroused by the CGI Eva Longoria? This is probably something we need to see a head doctor about, isn’t it?

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