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Trailer Review: Battle:Los Angeles

You know what we’ve been craving lately?  A decent alien invasion flick. Seriously, when did the last good one come out? 1996, when Independence Day was released? We want something that features aliens coming down, blowing up stuff, forcing humanity to band together and blow up the aliens. We’re not asking for a whole lot.

Luckily, it looks like our wish might be coming true this Easter thanks to Battle: Los Angeles. The trailer just hit the interwebs and holy crap does it look awesome! The movie stars Aaron Eckhart as a soldier caught in the middle of an alien invasion. Also prominently featured are Michelle Rodriguez and Michael Pena. It’ll be a nice change of pace seeing Latinos kicking ass and not just being blown up by flying saucers while driving their lowriders or whatever.

In the trailer, the aliens come down and crash off the Santa Monica coast. They then proceed to destroy the City of Angels with their monstrous deathbots and flying gunships. The humans fight back knowing that these aliens didn’t come down to take them out on a date to In n’ Out Burger. Nah, homes. Those extraterrestrial being are there to colonize the area. Who can blame them? If you were going to colonize in America where would you go? New York is too damn cold in the winter. Go to where it it 72 degrees year round and you can hang out in your alien shorts and alien flip flops all the time. These aliens are smart.

If this movie turns out to be half as good as the trailer it should be completely and totally bad ass.

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