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Tron Light Cycles + Duct Tape = Awesome

We here at Tu Vez are hugs fans of Tron. Maybe it’s because we are of the generation that grew up on the original? Perhaps it’s because we are all huge nerds? Maybe it’s that we want to be the first Latinos to be in Tronworld? What color would our glowing circuitry be? Brown or red like hot sauce? Tron is definitely not for everyone, though. When I asked my mom if she wanted to go see “Tron: Legacy” with me she said, “Aye dios mio, no! That movies where de peoples live in de computadora? Eso es mi nightmares.”

We also love Duct tape, although which true man doesn’t. If I may mix nerd metaphors, Duct tape is like the Force from “Star Wars”: “It has a light side, a dark side, and it binds the galaxy together” (Karl Zwanig). Duck brand duct tape has come out with this awesome commercial including both Tron and duct tape, we are all about it.

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