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Turkey’s Revenge

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? Are you feeling as bloated and gassy as we are this morning? Thanksgiving is such a wonderfully American holiday. It’s a way of us saying, “Sorry you are starving, world. We are going to eat so much food that we are going to make ourselves sick and fall asleep.” Only in America would we have a holiday based around eating a lot. The centerpiece of Thanksgiving is the turkey, native bird of America. When the founding fathers were coming up with the Great Seal of the United States, Ben Franklin proposed putting a picture of a turkey. Instead they went with the whole pyramid eye thing that keeps conspiracy theorists up at night.

We kind of feel bad for the turkey, though. We still eat it, but still, it does suck that for most turkeys, the end of November sucks. That’s why we were happy to see this video in which a turkey fights back against his tormentors. You tell ‘um, Gobbles.

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