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Celeb Falls On Her Back During Argentine Dance Show

Dancer and hottie Vanina Escudero hurt herself pretty badly during a broadcast of Showmatch (Argentina’s answer to Dancing With The Stars). Vanina’s partner threw her in the air and miscalculated her landing, which resulted in her landing on her back and hitting her skull against the floor. The judges immediately stopped the competition and called for medical attention. In the end, doctors told Vanina that she was fine and no major damage was done. To this we say, “too bad!” Call us heartless bastards if you want but the fact of the matter is that these stupid shows won’t go away until someone seriously gets hurt. These dancing and talent shows are ruining television much like reality programming did. This crap needs to stop, damn it!

On a side note, we got a huge kick out of how the show handled this accident. We love how the cameras kept rolling, how they followed Vanina to the back of the set, and how the host kept expressing concern while still mentioning that the next group of dancers were set to go on. We found it hilarious how one of the judges, wearing what is obviously a gag suit, tried to look all kinds of serious. Listen, man, unless you’re Elton John or something, you’re not allowed to be serious while wearing something so ridiculous like that. You just can’t.

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