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Victor Cruz’s End Zone Salsa Dance Analyzed In Excruciating Detail

Every football player has his own special touchdown dance. It’s their moment to show their own particular creativity. Some go with an arm flapping chicken dance while some prefer a knee knocking Charleston step. Tim Tebow does his James Brown meets Rodin’s “Thinker” prayer thing. We like Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz’s salsa dance. Not only does he show his Nuyorican pride in the end zone, he isn’t half bad. He’s got rhythm and a nice hip movement going…not that we’re looking closely.

But Manhattan dance instructor Jason Myra has been looking. Really looking. In this video, he breaks down Cruz’s signature end zone dance by explaining the basic salsa steps and the type of style Cruz incorporates. So, guys you can tell your girl you took a salsa lesson while still feeling manly because it’s also about football. You’re welcome.

Via NY Daily News.

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