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Volleyball Hooligans? Really?

If you are a regular Tu Vez reader, (and we know you are), you know we love soccer. What Latinos don’t? It is the most beloved sport on Earth. The one thing that gives us soccer fans a bad name is soccer hooligans. These trouble makers have been known to start riots and tear apart stadiums during games. While we appreciate the passion, there is no excuse for breaking stadium seats. Even though the seats are uncomfortable and asking for it. But, we get soccer getting your pressure up.

But volleyball hooligans? We aren’t saying volleyball isn’t a sport, but getting so worked up about it that you commit acts of violence? At this volleyball game in Greece, a crowd goes nuts and starts shooting flares. Keep an eye on the crowd and their brawling. We aren’t sure if they shot the flares to stop the fighting or if the flares were part of the destruction. This isn’t the first time volleyball caused trouble in Greece. In 2007, volleyball hooligans killed a fan in a riot. Greece, you guys aren’t winning any popularity contests these days. Cut it out.

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