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We Want Marty’s “Back To The Future II” Sneakers

Fact: “Back to the Future” is one of the greatest movies of all time. The sequel is awesome too. In “Back to the Future II”, Marty and Doc journey to the future to save Marty’s kids from going to jail. The year they travelled to was 2015. Well, that’s no longer so far away. Most of the stuff that was promised like hovering skateboards, flying cars, cold fusion, dehydrated Dominos pizza, and other awesomeness never happened. Lame.

However, the good folks at Nike have created Marty’s incredible future sneakers. It’s called the Nike Mag, and is a true work of art. When we were kids we wanted a pair of these so bad. As adults we would still rock them. We’d love to get some…only…they are up for auction on Ebay and cost $10,000. Also, there are only 1500 of them. The money is going to Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease charity. Still, just knowing that at least one of the promises of “Back to the Future II” has come true is comforting. Maybe in a couple of years we’ll get the hovering skateboard?

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