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What To Do With Leftover Gift Bows? Torture Cats!

How was your Christmas, everyone? No 3rd degree burns from turkey frying we hope. Were you sober enough to go to work today? Did those 15 ‘nogs take away the pain of having to go home for the holiday?

So what’s left after the holly jolly holiday? There is leftover food, bags of torn gift wrap, and lots of family animosity. We here at Tu Vez are all about recycling.  Besides using those cardboard wrapping paper tubes as lightsabers, you might also try what the guy in this video did and make mechanized accessories for your cats with leftover gift bows. The mechanized princess Leia and Hindenburg are particularly nice. The hatred these cats have for this guy is palpable as he destroys their will to live with each turn of the spinning bow.

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