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When Beans Explode

We Latinos eat a lot of beans. Be they refried, charro, gandules, frijoles negros, or pintos we can’t get enough of them. It’s something that defies class and wealth. The rich and poor alike fill their bellies with rice and beans almost everyday. We think there is a golden opportunity here that no one has tapped into. There is a global energy crisis right now. People are searching for new renewable resources of energy. Whoever gets there first stands to make billions on the new energy technology. Sure, Venezuela has oil, but it’s controlled by that nutcase Hugo Chavez. No, we need to look to Brazil’s exploitation of their huge natural gas deposits. “But we don’t have huge natural gas deposits?” Oh, really? What about that giant pot of beans your mom has on the stove? The gas created from your uncle Tony alone could power a town for a week.

Don’t believe us about the energy potential of beans? Just watch what happens in this video when beans on a campfire reach critical mass.

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