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Why Couldn’t We Have Grown-up Going To Jedi Church?

We are all about freedom of religion here at Tu Vez. As long as you aren’t sacrificing kids to Moloch or are a killer cult, it’s cool. You can worship a toaster for all we care. Still, people do believe in some weird stuff. If you a regular reader, you know that we are giant nerds that love “Star Wars”. And while we have been influenced by the films, we know they aren’t real. But not everyone does. In England and Australia checking Jedi on your census form is totally cool. There are Jedi churches springing up all over the world. They dress in Jedi robes, study the Force, and practice lightsaber fighting. It’s just a movie, guys.

This video is a spoof on the Jedi churches…at least, we think it’s a joke. We hope it’s a joke. Please, the Force, let it be a joke.


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