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Wireless Glove-Powered Skateboard Made By Latino Inventor

America has a history of producing great inventors. Heck, one of our founding fathers discovered electricity and invented the bifocals. In the last few years, we’ve been lagging behind countries like Japan who are 5 months away from building nuclear powered anime sex-bots or whatever. I think we Latinos can help. We’re an innovative people. Didn’t we create all of that advanced Mayan and Inca technology? How do my relatives in Cuba manage to keep their 57′ Chevys going if not through sheer ingenuity?

In this video, young inventor Andres Guzman-Ballen demonstrates his awesome glove controlled skateboard. The board is controlled by a device that looks a lot like the old Nintendo Power Glove from the 80’s. We think this is hella-cool and we can’t wait until we’re zipping down the streets in our own Latino invented skateboard.

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