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Women, Men, Marriage, And Tennis

As every bad comic has said, “Women be different from men.” This is true. We here at Tu Vez defy the stereotype that all Latino men are sexist pigs. We are modern gentlemen that treat women as equals. Sure, we do girl galleries, but they aren’t sexist. We just enjoy admiring the female form. Having said that, there are some women who are an embarrassment to womankind. We’re talking about the kind of materialistic chick that is more interested in your wallet than in your heart. That’s why you see a lot of busted-ass looking rich dudes with hot women.

In this video we see an illustration of this point. First, a woman in the crowd at a tennis match asks Rafael Nadal if he’ll marry her. He smiles demurely, and waves at her. A gentleman. Then, in another tennis match, a dude asks Steffi Graf if she’ll marry him. As Kanye West said, “I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger…”

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