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Volleyball Your Way Into America!

A picture has surfaced showing Mexicans and Americans playing volleyball across the US/Mexico border. The pic inspired several members of Congress to pause from all the drinking beer and chillin’ they are doing at Marco Rubio’s place to come up with a solution to the immigration debate: Volleyball your way to the U.S.A! All you have to do is follow a few simple rules and you can come into America no questions asked. Here are the parameters of Operation Spike Your Way To Freedom:

Border Volleyball rules:

1) Standard volleyball rules apply. None of this redo nonsense you get in gym class.

2) All hot chicks must play in bikinis. No exceptions.

3) All abuelitas must NOT play in bikinis. No exceptions.

4) You are allowed to spike ONLY if it hits one of those vigilante hicks that patrol the border with guns.

5) You do get extra points if your move is super awesome.

6) If you are playing in the Rio Grande and the ball hits the bank you are out, just like in pool volleyball.

7) Have fun you guys!

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